Spacer for glass blocks

The 10-piece glass block spacer is essential for anyone who wants to install glass blocks in an efficient and harmonic way. The spacer allows exact calculation of the distance between blocks, keeping the parts in line and facilitating the application of the mortar.

With the use of the spacer, the glass blocks will have even spaces between them, ensuring a good installation and preventing the blocks from touching each other. The use of the spacers allows an even better result of the application of colored grouts, where any difference between one spacing and another is quickly perceived.

The product is marketed in packs with 10 spacers, produced in plastic and weighing 24 grams.

Pleasant and long lasting result

The installation of glass blocks must be done by specialized professionals, so that the application is leveled and calculated correctly. When properly applied, the glass blocks give a light look and leave the space between spaces more sober, taking advantage of natural light.

For this installation to be made properly, the use of spacer for Bitolex glass block is indispensable. In addition to tools such as levelers and other accessories to ensure the correct measurements, the spacer provides security in the installation of the blocks, helping to achieve the desired result.

The installation can be made for dividing spaces into internal and external areas, for the construction of small bars or sectors within the living room, islands for meals, balconies or walls dividing two rooms, among many other options. The glass blocks work especially in small places where you need to add lightness to the partitions and take advantage of natural lighting.

In all of these utilities, the spacers ensure the perfect fit of the glass blocks and the application of the mortar in a uniform way, avoiding subsequent problems with tightness or structural failure.


How to Install Glass Blocks

The installation of glass blocks improperly causes damage to the material, compromising the aesthetics of the place. In addition, these problems facilitate the passage of water, which can affect the structure of the space. The correct placement of the glass blocks is essential to guarantee the life and quality of the work.

In order for the blocks to be well laid, the use of the spacers is essential. For more safety and better leveling, steel bars can be used in the setting of blocks for panel locking, both horizontally and vertically.

It is also important to check the linearity of the base and the plumb where the blocks will be installed. The spans between the blocks to be filled must have the appropriate dimensions in relation to their shape. The distance must be calculated correctly, and the spacers are the ideal pieces so that these spans have the same size in all blocks.

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